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FYNE® has been a top choice for businesses, organizations and individuals to manage their medium-to-large domain name portfolios for almost 20 years. We soft launched as a domain name registration and management company in 1997 for an intimate group of domain owners. We officially opened to the public in 1999, selling domains and the necessary accessories like WHOIS privacy, DNS hosting, web site/URL forwarding, and email forwarding.


FYNE® was one of the first places that allowed domain registrants to make changes to their domains in real-time through their online account manager, without needing to wait 72 hours or longer for a queue to be processed. We led the way for domain security, offering a proprietary registrar transfer lock, where domain owners could feel confident that their domain names were safe with us.



Many FYNE® customers see the need for cost savings over the older registrars but don’t feel comfortable with one of the high volume, overly low-priced domain companies. For good reason - in many cases, those providers don’t see their primary objective as a seller of domains. They push rock-bottom domain prices with misleading terms and diversion tactics.


FYNE® positioned itself as a top domain seller: the latest domain security tools, a fast and simple online account manager with a robust set of tools, stable prices and responsive, dedicated customer care. We support the new TLDs/domain extensions.


FYNE Blog: The Place to Talk Domains

We maintain a regular blog called FYNE Blog, featuring articles on interesting ways to use domains and updates on changes in the domain name industry. You will also learn more about us!



Here is how 3 clients describe their FYNE® experience blew away the competition:*

  1. Dan Entrobirg, who runs a blog catering to restaurant franchisees who want to understand how to leverage social media for their business, said: "My vital domain was held hostage by Yahoo over a payment issue, when I had proof I had paid for the last 8 years. A friend of mine at a chamber of commerce told me I should look into his guy at FYNE®. The owner, Chris, told me what forms to fill out and what to say if Yahoo challenged me. When it didn't work right away, Chris took control. He got on a 3-way call with me and Yahoo and within 1 hour, Yahoo took off their lock so my web site was back up and they 'pushed' my domain into my FYNE® account! I didn't know it was even possible."
  2. Troy Larson is the Founder of Sonic Tremor Media, which operates a network of web sites that features original content. He wrote: "I was having a lot of problems with managing my domain names. I was paying a lot of money for a lot of bad customer service. I knew of FYNE® and reached out to discuss making a big change. I have to thank FYNE® for the ease of consolidating 15 domains from 3 domain companies to one place."
  3. DJ X is a popular underground house music DJ that was looking to widen his exposure with a web site that had nightly pics and mix playlists: "I wanted to use my domain at Blogspot. It was the simplest thing I found for me. Then I met the control panel. The config was confusing. Zero technical support people. I threw a hail mary and emailed my domain provider FYNE®. They helped - free. These are my dudes."

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